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Make Money Blogging

As many of you might know, there are some people in the blogosphere that can make hundreds, some even thousands of dollars just by placing ads on their blog. Well, it may sound appealing, but let me warn you, it's not an easy task.

One of the reasons I started blogging was because my older brother informed me that you can make money off of blogging. When you say that to a 17 year old girl, oh boy, she gets really excited. I was in for a huge surprise!

If you already have a blog that gets lots of traffic daily (1000+ views), then you might want to consider putting ads on your blog. However, if you have just started out, it's better that you work on the content and traffic first, before you consider placing ads on your blog.

McDonald's Pays Better Than Google Adsense
It's true. At least in the beginning. McDonald's might pay minimum wage, but it's guaranteed that you will get that minimum wage salary at the end of the month. With Google Adsense, there is no real guarantee that you will get a good amount of money at all. Especially if you just started your blog. In order to aquire money through Adsense, your blog must be: popular with lots of viewers coming in every day. Without traffic it's hard to make even a cent.

If You're Blogging For Money, Treat Your Blog Like A Job

I know a lot of people hate to hear this, but blogging for money is hard. Especially for those that don't know much about building a good website/blog and targeting traffic.

Spending quality time building your blog and making it better each day is crucial. Don't just think that you'll make thousands by blogging every now and then. It just doesn't work that way. In order to make money, your website/blog needs to have lots of content, but GOOD content. Something that will be useful to someone or something that they enjoy reading.

At work or school, in order to get that good position or an A, you obviously would work really hard to make that presentation or report that you're working on good. It's the same thing with blogging. The better the blog, the better reviews you'll get, which will be good for your blog in the long run.

So my advice to you is to treat your blog like a job. No one just gets money for nothing, they get money for working. The better your work is the more money. I think that's an easy way to put it.


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